Washburn Release

Sunday saw another trip to the River Washburn to watch people with considerably more skill than me playing in the outflow of the dam. I like my thrills to be a little less adrenaline fuelled than these guys do, which is why I sit in an open boat on a lake and not in a … More Washburn Release

Ladies Shoes

Reading posts about the bathroom gender debate* in the US has brought the following to mind:   When Small was very small we were waiting in the never ending queue to use the ladies loo at a service station. As little children are want to do, Small was wandering around, entertaining herself with the hand … More Ladies Shoes

Ladies’ Troubles

International Women’s Day 2015, my employer (senior management, not my immediate manager) sent an email message celebrating women in the company. Written by a male employee this message of inspiration shared the message that “Women working for us have equality” – I’m paraphrasing, I can’t remember the exact words but this was the gist of … More Ladies’ Troubles

Journal of … what?

During my morning perusal of Facebook an article caught my eye. Originally posted in the Independent it listed the 6 foods that a food poisoning expert won’t ever eat. (I didn’t keep the link and now can’t find the post but this looks to be essentially the same from CNBC: Stuff an expert won’t eat .) Within the … More Journal of … what?