Why did the Mushroom get invited to so many parties?

Because he was a fungi!

This morning’s dog walk was a wet affair. I had taken my camera with the plan of getting some pictures of the moors in the low light that the low cloud had provided but the rain started shortly after I set out and fear of raindrops in all my shots meant that I wasn’t really in the mood for landscapes.

Tree on Agra Moor
Tree on Agra Moor

I was considering turning round and heading home, with my rather soggy scroggly dog when I caught sight of a fairy ring of mushrooms. Stopping to grab a few shots I spotted more and more… a veritable feast of funghi.

I’m all for foraging but have no idea what I am doing which is why I wouldn’t pick my own and why I am putting a big disclaimer here…. these mushrooms (the few I can make a guess at naming) are likely to be wrongly identified, DO NOT USE THIS BLOG AS AN IDENTIFICATION GUIDE.

I had a telephoto lens on my camera… as I said my plan was to shoot the landscape and hope to get a few wildlife shots should any other creature be foolish enough to be out in the rain… which meant I had to lie in the grass about half a mile from my subject and hope that the rain wouldn’t obscure the shot too much. I intend to go back before the end of the week with my macro lens and get some better shots.

Chestnut brown mushrooms: Woodtufts maybe?
Little Mushrooms.
These two looked particularly appetising, snuggling up against the rain… but I have no idea what they are so they are still where I found them.
White mushroom
A little white mushroom with a brown heart.
Two white and grey mushrooms
More unidentified mushrooms.
Large brown mushroom.
Brown mushroom, no idea what it is.

I also managed some really rubbish shots of some yellow coral fungus, I definitely want some better shots of these – being one of the few fungi I can confidently ID. So expect more mushies soon.


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