Stash Busting and New Years

As a new year starts I, along with most other people, have been thinking about the year ahead. I’m not one for making resolutions, they tend not to be kept so I’ve learnt not to promise myself that this will be the year I lose weight, or become a tidy person, or set myself some other unachievable goal. But I have been taking stock of all the stuff I have and thinking about what needs to be done round here to help achieve the goals that we, as a family, have discussed over the last few months.

I’ll be clearing out the annex, decorating with a view to letting it to holiday makers – so there’ll be some DIY coming up. In order to do this I first need to clear out all the stuff we have been storing in there.. and I have to confess that’s a lot of my stuff, my yarn and fabric stash and about a million cookery books. To reduce the yarn stash I need to turn all those little scraps and unfinished projects into useful things. Top of the list is to finish Boy Wonder’s jumper – this has only been on the needles for a week so isn’t a long lost project. Then it’ll be a yarn audit and plan what to do with the left overs.

I’ve also had a yearning to spin for years. I’ve been working my way through a pile of Blue Faced Leicester roving with a drop spindle for a while. My efforts have been slow and lumpy but there is a special pleasure in knitting up yarn that you have created yourself. So, I was delighted to receive a spinning wheel for Christmas. This means that not only do I sniff yarn and have to resist buying more but I can make my own! My first few attempts have been coarse, probably over twisted, and uneven but I can turn this into mittens, which means Boy Wonder’s jumper has to be top priority because now I’ve started creating okayish yarn the urge to knit it up straight away is strong.

An early attempt at spinning.

I’ve toyed with the idea of selling on Etsy, small knitted items (I’m not fast enough to be able to make large items cost effective). Maybe this is the way to get rid of the stash. Watch this space.

Then there’s the outside.. creating a more productive garden. I am going back to school this month to learn about bee keeping and plan to have a couple of hives up and running before the end of the year. And this will be the year we get a polytunnel and a vegetable patch into production. I’ve grown veg before in a hit and miss style, potatoes and sweetcorn being my most successful crops. I won’t be dedicating polytunnel space to potatoes but might create a potato patch in the future.

Anyway, sitting at a computer won’t get any of this achieved. I’ll try and make regular updates here, what I’ve done, what I’ve learnt (I’m expecting to learn a lot when it comes to DIY) but I’m a bit rubbish so don’t hold your breath.



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