A long time ago….

…I started a Cookbook Challenge.

I have a lot of cookery and food books, a lot. A bookcase full.

Cookery Book Shelf
One of the shelves on the Cookery Book Case

And, I have no space for them anymore.

My husband has suggested that I give them to a charity shop but I don’t actually want to get rid of them. However, reality and all that, I need the space for things I actually use and there’s something neglectful about a bookcase full of books that are never touched.

So, I am restarting the cookbook challenge. I am going to cook every recipe in these books, apart from the offal recipes. I draw the line at offal. Well, some offal, I’ll eat liver if it’s turned onto pate. I might try some of the offal recipes if I’m feeling brave. There are other things I don’t want to eat, like peaches (I feel sick just typing the word “peach”), so I won’t really cook every single recipe but I’ll do my best to be open minded.

If I like a recipe I will record a version in a digital cookbook and then, when the book has been completed, I’ll donate it to charity.

There are some exemptions – Good Housekeeping (1973) because it’s a classic, Hugh’s Meat Book because it’s a future classic, and my copy of Larousse Gastronomique because it was given to me by a friend (she was given a newer version and passed her old one on to me) and let’s be honest if you had one would you give it away?

As this is a rambling type of blog and not a cookery type of blog I’m not going to report back on every recipe but I will probably post about successes and failures.

Anyways, I need to go and shop for food – this week cooking from Slimming World Free Foods – I wonder if I’ll lose any weight?


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