Journal of … what?

During my morning perusal of Facebook an article caught my eye. Originally posted in the Independent it listed the 6 foods that a food poisoning expert won’t ever eat.

(I didn’t keep the link and now can’t find the post but this looks to be essentially the same from CNBC: Stuff an expert won’t eat .)

Within the article the Food Poisoning Journal was mentioned as a source. I wonder how often that is issued, is there enough food poisoning news to justify a monthly publication? How do I subscribe? Not that I’m worried about food poisoning but I do like a glossy magazine with pictures of food in. Are there pictures of bacteria? Petri dishes? Mouldy lunch boxes? The thing my son is growing in a mug under his bed?


So, the list… what should we be avoiding at all costs if we want to not get sick from what we eat. (The FB post was in response to Chipotle’s recent run of bad luck and I wanted to put a joke at their expense in here but was worried about where the legal lines are with regard to making jokes about restaurants giving people food poisoning and decided against it.):

  1. Raw Sprouts: Brussels Sprouts? If so, no need to worry, I won’t be eating them.
  2. Raw Oysters: Snot in sea water, won’t be eating them either.
  3. Raw milk or unpasteurised juice: Unless I’m milking a cow or making my own juice this is another one not to worry about. I’ve seen there’s a bit of a trend towards drinking raw milk because pasteurisation causes obesity or something (but I’m fat because I like cake not because I drink pasteurised milk), and frankly unless I’m buying it from the farm gate I’m not touching unpasteurised milk.
  4. Pre-cut fruit and vegetables: This is pretty sensible, the more people have to touch the product and the longer it sits on a shelf the more chance of nasties growing. And they’re more expensive and don’t last as long once you get them home. Cost tells me not to buy them, not food poisoning.
  5. Raw eggs: Now we’re getting into the territory of stuff I actually like. I don’t drink raw eggs for breakfast or anything like that but I do like a pouched egg that is barely set, so the first question is ‘how raw is raw”? Then, what about stiff egg white? Can I still eat mousse? This is starting to sound like health advice that treads on stuff I like and then I might ignore it. Will really fresh eggs be okay? Do I have to keep my chickens in a sterile environment to keep my eggs safe?
  6. Rare meat: What? Now you are treading on my toes. Nothing less than medium well? Sorry, not gonna happen. I’m going to eat my steak with a healthy dose of pink in the middle. I get the reasoning for through cooking of hamburgers and meatballs, the same reasoning as pre-cut veggies. But a well done filet steak! This is a crime against cows.

So I guess the bottom line for me is that whatever the experts say there will always be some risks I’m prepared to take. But, that’s life.


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