Ladies Shoes

Reading posts about the bathroom gender debate* in the US has brought the following to mind:
When Small was very small we were waiting in the never ending queue to use the ladies loo at a service station. As little children are want to do, Small was wandering around, entertaining herself with the hand dryers and generally making a minor nuisance/amusement of herself.
Small then decided to check out the shoes of everybody in the room. She walked down the central aisle, between the two rows of cubicles and peeked under the door to one before shouting “Ladies shoes” and moving on to the next.
Thankfully she didn’t shout “Men’s shoes” – I would have been mortified had she called out a woman for wearing sensible shoes.
*If you haven’t been following this story (and why should anybody in Blighty?) there is some discussion happening in the States about whether transgender people should use the bathroom of their birth gender or their identifying gender. I think it’s ridiculous to send a transgender woman into a gents toilet for a number of reasons, not least of all because transgender people are often victims of abuse and assault and sending a person that identifies as female into a men only space is asking for trouble. But this post is about Small and a public toilet, not a political rant about acceptance of all genders – although now I’ve started…….

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