Week Commencing 25th January – snappy title, eh?

Every week I receive a fruit and veg box from a local farm. The contents change with the seasons but I get an email telling me what they plan to deliver (subject to last minute changes) a few days before hand and I use this to plan my weekly meals.

So, for the week commencing 25th January I have the following veg arriving:

  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • Sweet Potato
  • Broccoli
  • Pointed Cabbage
  • Lettuce
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Chestnut Mushrooms

I have the added complication at the moment of not having a fully functioning kitchen – units are being replaced so I have no worktops for preparing food. Meals are going to be made as best as they can in the utility room, where i have toaster and microwave. Due to Covid precautions, I cannot use the kitchen at all whilst the joiner is here installing the new units. I will only be able to use the cooker in the evening after he has left. And.. I don’t know how long he’ll take, probably until Wednesday.

The meal plan based on all this:

MondayPorridge with fruitJacket Potato (Nuked in Microwave) with baked beansScandinavian style meatballs with mash and veg
– using onion and serving with 1/2 the cabbage
TuesdaySkyr with fruitSoupLamb burgers with coleslaw and sweet potato wedges
– coleslaw will be made with cabbage, carrot and onion from box, wedges will be made with sweet potato
WednesdaySkyr with fruitBeans on toastRigatoni Alla Ametricanni
– using onion and cherry tomatoes
ThursdayCerealJacket potato with tunaPaella
– using some of the mushrooms, onion, and carrot
FridayToast and Scramble EggsSoupBeef and mushroom cannelini
– the rest of the mushrooms, onions and served with a green salad
SaturdayPorridge with fruitGoing to wing itCheesy broccoli pasta bake
– that’s where the broccoli is going and any leftover cherry tomatoes
SundayToast with Poached EggsAs SaturdayBeef cobbler with whatever veg is still left
A sort of plan

Snacks! Boiled eggs, fruit, snack cheeses.. err.. I’ll try and grab fruit first and try not to be tempted by all the goodies I buy for the rest of the family.

The exercise plan:

I need to burn more calories than I currently do. The weather is set to be wet all week so I need to plan some indoor workouts, I will do 4 yoga sessions and try to squeeze in two bike rides.. the cycling is entirely dependent on how icy it is out. I fell off my bike last week trying to ride it on an icy road and that has given me The Fear.

Wish me luck and I’ll be back next week to review progress.

Update 28/01: I log my weight weekly on a Thursday and at today’s weigh in I lost a lb. Yay! I have stuck to the main meal plan so far this week but have skipped breakfast every day (breakfast post coming soon), but I’m still snacking on whatever is within arms reach which this week included chocolate and Hula Hoops. Oh, nearly forget to add, it snowed again so still no cycling which is making me sad.

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