What a depressing weigh in! Weight on not off.

It’s no surprise, cheesecake, wine, constant snacking. I’m calling it water under the bridge, or snacks under the belly. Draw a line and treat today as a fresh day. It’s funny as I’ve reached the point in any weight loss attempt where I usually give up and I could feel those thoughts creeping in yesterday. I lose weight, feel good, stumble, gain a little, can’t shift it, gain a little more, get frustrated, give up. Not this time. Oh no, I’m putting fingers to keyboard so that all the bots scanning my blog can keep me accountable. Back on it today. I have been snacking, a mixture of lockdown boredom and stress have me reaching for the afternoon snacks so I need to build some strategies for dealing with stress eating. There are about fourty million articles online about how to deal with this and I’ve read about 94% of them. Mindfulness, portion control, regular meals, hydration all play a part and it’s all about finding what works on an individual level.

I’m concentrating on hydration and portion control (and not fibbing on my food diary). Actually, I need to concentrate on honesty – if nobody sees me eat something then I might not add it to my food diary – if nobody saw, it didn’t happen, right? I’ve started using My Fitness Pal* again, it’s not quite the social space it used to be for me but I do find that I keep myself in check a little more when I use it.

In exercise terms, the cycling programme has started and I had my first outdoor ride on Monday – what bliss. As I set out, and was passed by a pair of Ninjas doing a million kph, I felt like a fat middle aged sausage squeezed into my cycling gear. But after a few minutes I was flying, at least my mood was. I finished my 1 hour ride with a big grin on my face and reminded myself why I love my bike.

Anyway, channeling that feeling (not the feeling from the weigh in) I’m fired up to get going.

*If anybody needs an accountability buddy to help them on a similar path, my username on MFP is ScottyLikesCake – always happy to support a new friend.

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