Saddle Sore and Saddle Sores

(I’m too tight to pay for a business plan on WordPress so have mapped my last route as best as I can using a badly drawn line on an OpenStreeMap map. It’s a bit rubbish, If I can’t find a better way to share routes I’ll certainly try and up my line drawing game, but shows you where I went. I’ve tried using the “embed on blog” option in Strava and Komoot but it doesn’t work and I can’t find a work around – if anybody has successfully done this can you share how you did it? )

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Anyway, two hours on the bike yesterday, 46km and I was in agony – where my body meets the saddle kind of agony. I’ve been saddle sore for a while and been in denial about it but if I want to increase the time on my bike I need to get this sorted.

I had a painful sore develop a while ago in my groin and changing my saddle position, my bibs (turns out a slimmer chamois is much more comfortable) and liberal use of hot compresses and Doublebase lotion I got this under control. But, I’ve had soft tissue pain after every long ride and this weekend was the final straw.

I bought a new bike last week – lovely new bike, need to make a new bike post but I’ve been out riding – and used the saddle that came on the bike for a very short ride (20km) and once home took the saddle off, burnt it and threw the ashes in the sea (not really I just swapped it with the saddle that had been on my old bike). The new bike’s saddle was described as ‘unisex’ – a bit of a bugbear of mine, I have come to learn where most cycling kit is concerned there is no such thing as unisex, it’s either designed for women or it’s not for women. Unisex is just kit designed for men marketed at everyone.

I’ve been out a couple of times with old saddle/new bike combo and it’s better than the new saddle but has never been ideal and this weekend was the final straw. I came home and phoned the Specialized Concept Store in Harrogate – I’ve heard very good things about their saddles – and in an uncharacteristically candid way told the nice man on the phone all about my undercarriage woes. He’s booked me in for a saddle fit next week and I’m hoping for a miracle. I’ll let you know how I get on.

2 thoughts on “Saddle Sore and Saddle Sores

  1. Good luck with the fit. Finding the perfect saddle is something of a journey (so I’m told, I’m definitely still on it) but I’m sure switching to a saddle designed for women will help you out.

    1. Thanks, my old saddle is a women’s fit but was the one that came on an entry level road bike so not surprising I don’t find it good for longer rides. As I said, I’m hoping for a miracle and getting past that 2.5 hour ride limit I currently have. Good luck on your saddle journey too.

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