What an anorak!
What an anorak!

Hello! *waves like a dork*

I dread that moment in a meeting where you are asked to introduce yourself and say something interesting. My mind goes blank and all I can do is say “Hello” and wave like a dork.

So…. a little about me…

I traipse around the Yorkshire Dales, followed by my dog. Sometimes I’m on a bike.

I enjoy the occasional adult beverage, I like food (the clue is in the name), I take photographs, I make stuff with wool – weaving, spinning, knitting – commissions taken, drop me a note if you’re interested in that stuff. I think that’s all – deeper thoughts and daft insights can be found on the blog pages.

I’m mostly concentrated on getting healthy, losing some weight and getting some exercise, so that’s most of what I’ll be wittering about here but there will be other stuff too. 


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