I like to read about food and because I also like to ride my bike I like to read about eating and cycling. Or, to say it the sporty way, fuelling. When I was a kid the only kind of sports nutrition you could get was a Mars bar – “helps you work, rest and … More Fuel


What a depressing weigh in! Weight on not off. It’s no surprise, cheesecake, wine, constant snacking. I’m calling it water under the bridge, or snacks under the belly. Draw a line and treat today as a fresh day. It’s funny as I’ve reached the point in any weight loss attempt where I usually give up … More Argh!

Musings on my body

I read a recent article in Women’s Health magazine about the psychology of weight lose. Written from a first person point of view it explored the authors feelings about her own weight lose and how reaching her goal weight wasn’t the end of her issues with body image and food. I found the article really … More Musings on my body