Hello Wavy Davy

(I didn’t post anything last week because I was tired and grumpy and had nothing nice to say about anything. Feeling better this week because the sun came out.) I’ve seen a lot of chatter on social media recently about greeting other cyclists. I like to wave and say “Good Morning” as I pass people … More Hello Wavy Davy

First Solo Fifty

Last week I set off on my first 50km solo ride – I’d ridden 50km before but never seemed to get over 35 when out by myself. Since I”m planning to do 100km later this year I really need to start increasing my distance/time on the bike which means I need to take longer solo … More First Solo Fifty


I like to read about food and because I also like to ride my bike I like to read about eating and cycling. Or, to say it the sporty way, fuelling. When I was a kid the only kind of sports nutrition you could get was a Mars bar – “helps you work, rest and … More Fuel